Patient Care Center (PCC)

The Patient Care Center was established in 1992 initially to provide comprehensive education to our diabetic population. The program has since grown to provide education and support for patients with a wide variety of medical issues.

Our Goal

The goal and purpose of the Patient Care Center is to provide patients and their family members the self-management skills necessary to achieve success in managing their disease. A physician or practitioner of IMA will refer patients to the Center. The PCC staff will assess, educate, co-manage, and support patients with medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

Diabetes Education Program

The PCC Diabetes Education Program specializes in management, education, and support for adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including assisting numerous patients on insulin pump therapy. The Diabetes Education Program criteria is based on the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs endorsed by The American Diabetes Association.

Patient Education

Because everyone is unique, patients receive an individual assessment and a plan is developed to meet the needs of the individual. Follow-up visits may be conducted as a small group or individual session. Patient goals are periodically reviewed to ensure continued positive results. All treatment plans and progress notes associated with patient visits are monitored by the patient's primary care physician.

Our Services

The Patient Care Center offers a variety of clinical and educational services designed to support patients, their families and your IMA physician. Our Certified Diabetic Educators and Registered Nurses complete assessment and treatment plans based on individual needs.

  • Dietary Management and Education of Lipids (high cholesterol or fats and high blood pressure)
  • Management and Education of dysmetabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia, impaired fasting glucose, glucose intolerance, pre-diabetes, and reactive hypoglycemia
  • Education and instruction of injectable medications for arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Administration of mental status exams for patients with memory loss

Appointment Information

To make an appointment, please call (864) 242-4683 or have your IMA physician arrange a referral.