Insurance & Finances

The staff of IMA will make every effort to answer your questions regarding our billing and insurance claim procedures.

We are participating providers for several managed care insurance plans, and we will follow the rules set forth by those plans. You are responsible for deductibles and co-payments at the time of your office service and prior to scheduled surgery. Please determine prior to your visit if your insurance company requires a pre-certification for your visit or procedure. Your insurance company may not pay your bill if the service is not pre-certified.

At each office visit, you will be asked to provide us with a copy of your insurance card. Credit cards are accepted for co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles. We will file insurance claims for your visit; however, you are responsible for providing our office with complete and accurate insurance information at each visit. We do accept assignment for Medicare, and we will collect the 20% co-insurance and full payment for non-covered services at the time of your visit.

Internal Medicine Associates is not contracted with all insurance companies for laboratory work performed in our office. Please check your benefit plans prior to your visit to ensure your services will be paid without penalty. If IMA is not a contracted lab for your insurance company, you will be asked to have your labs drawn at the contracted facility.

For billing questions, please call our insurance department at (864) 240-5022.