Comprehensive Physical Examination

The Internists of IMA believe that periodic comprehensive appointments that include a physical examination, a review of new and chronic problems and preventative health updates are integral to providing good medical care.

IMA bills for this service plus the cost of labs, EKG’s and other radiology services that your physician feels are indicated for your care. Reimbursement from your insurance company will vary depending on your medical problems and your specific health plan coverage. If you have a high deductible plan, you can anticipate higher out of pocket expenses.

It is a growing trend for health insurance companies to provide wellness benefits. The intent of a wellness visit is preventive health evaluation and counseling only. When chronic problems, new problems or medical symptoms are discussed during a comprehensive appointment, the services will be submitted to your insurance company with a medical diagnosis and the appropriate office visit billing codes. This type of visit is not considered a wellness visit by insurance companies.

IMA physicians rarely schedule a wellness visit separately from a comprehensive appointment as most patients have chronic problems, medical symptoms or new problems that are updated and evaluated with the preventive needs. Our billing for comprehensive health examinations has not changed over the years, however payment from your insurance company may vary depending on your insurance benefits and your health history.