Anticoagulation Therapy

Internal Medicine Associates was awarded The DuPont Pharmaceutical Company CoumaCare Recognition Award for Distinguished Patient Care in Anticoagulation Therapy in September 2001. Our ACT Clinic not only met, but exceeded exceptionally stringent requirements for this award and was described as setting the standard for other anticoagulation clinics to strive for.

ACT was also utilized by DuPont Pharma as the regional site for visiting professionals to observe the operation of an established clinic prior to instituting an anticoagulation clinic.IMA of Greenville's ACT Clinic was the first in the upstate region to institute a patient self-testing program. Patients who began 5 years ago are still in the program and new patients are added everyday.

For information on atrial fibrillation, deep venous thrombrosis, and our medications, come pick up a pamphlet. Also available at the ACT clinic are a cookbook and a video for your convenience.

Appointment Information

Patients are seen by appointment only. Your first visit is a 30-minute educational session during which diet, medication interactions, and possible side effects are discussed. An educational booklet and diagnosis appropriate handouts are explained and given to each patient. A 10-minute video is available for patients to wish to view it at home. All patients are given a printed Dosage Schedule with correct dosage instructions and return appointment at each visit.

Because anticoagulant therapy affects the clotting factors in your blood, it is essential that you report for all protime tests at the scheduled time. When you first begin therapy, you may need to come for testing weekly for several weeks. When your desired range is reached, you will come once each month.

If you find it necessary to change an appointment, please call Michelle Carnes, at 242-4683, ext. 2241.